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Certified Laptop Repair Center

Computer Literates is a Certified Laptop Repair Center for ASUS Laptops.

We are not a Support Center.

All EEE PC Netbooks, Tablets or any ASUS Laptop purchased at Best Buy (or a Best Buy third party) are not covered under this Certification and must be sent directly to ASUS for any warranty coverage and the customer must call ASUS notebook technical support line (1-888-678-3688, 24/7 except holidays) to arrange service. We are not compensated for shipping, so there will be a $20-22 charge for return shipping. The ASUS Laptops we sell are covered by our certification. Warranty Info.

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All Items Left at Computer Literates for over 90 days after notification of work completed become the property of Computer Literates and will be sold or cannibalized to defray the cost of diagnostics, repairs and parts.

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